beyerdynamic T1 ヘッドホン:ワールドセレクトショップ - c1678

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beyerdynamic T1 ヘッドホン【商品名】
beyerdynamic T1 ヘッドホン



The new T1 are reference level headphones from Beyerdynamic, designed to generate significantly more sound pressure through redeveloped high-performance motors and offer stunning audio performance. The sound of these has been designed as airy and detail rich with excellent reproduction of fine tones. The result of much research and development, the T1 features 600-Ohm coils that are extra light whilst offer stunning sound.High efficiencyTraditional extra-filigree drives tend to suffer from low efficiency rates. That prevents them from achieving real loudness when faced with underpowered headphone outputs, especially the popular 32 Ohm headphones that have become common in this age of the MP3. Yet the engineers didn't completely re-develop the driver just to increase its efficiency. They also achieved higher maximum volumes compared with previous 600 Ohm models - an impressive 7 decibels.Newly designed magnetsThey also feature newly designed magnets. Neodymium magnets had previously been positioned in the centre of the coil, which severely limited its size due to the flat design of the earpieces. The developers have now repositioned the magnets into a ring around the coil, allowing for a more than doubling of the magnetic flux density to approx. 1.2 Tesla. Even crossing the magical threshold of one Tesla for a pair of headphones would have been an admirable feat. They don't only sound stunning...The casing is also designed to satisfy the highest expectations. The open earpieces, covered through an elegant metal grate, are shielded from disruptive sonic reflections and protected against moisture through Acoustexx, a high-end acoustic mesh. As with all premium products from beyerdynamic, the new T1 is produced by qualified craftsmen who even in this age of globalisation continue to work from their headquarters in Heilbronn.

135,500円 (税込 146,340 円) 送料別
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